Film legends Claire Denis & Emma Thompson show their support at TIFF

Film legends Claire Denis & Emma Thompson show their support at TIFF

It’s Day 29 for Tarek and John. Our lawyer and consular staff met today with the district prosecutor for an initial meeting, which will be followed up with a second meeting tomorrow.

Consular staff and our lawyer were also able to meet with John & Tarek today, and they were glad to report that John & Tarek have been moved to a cell with fewer people.

We are still waiting to hear from the prosecutor tomorrow about their situation, but we are encouraged to see that the consular request to move to a less crowded cell was granted.

John & Tarek remain in good health.

Today, Cecilia Greyson (John’s sister) did a radio interview with CKNW in Vancouver, where she reported on the widespread support John & Tarek have received from around the world.

Our petition has over 114,000 signatures – don’t forget to sign and share it!  Our LabourStart petition is also growing steadily, so add your signature there as well.

As well, “Statements of Support” are coming in steadily. We have over 125 from major organizations and individuals, and are adding more every day (most recently from the Ontario Arts Council and the International Association of Film and Television Schools).

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